College Readiness

College & Career-Readiness for Special Education

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College & Career-Readiness for Special Education

Providing the best education to best suit each child’s needs, development and capabilities is something that is practically impossible to achieve within the mainstream public school system.

 In most schools there is a “one size fit’s all” attitude that will suit some children of course. However there are pupils, who for whatever reason, will struggle within this rigid approach of formalized education. 

Failing to flourish at school usually has nothing to do with a child’s lack of intelligence. Instead it comes down to commonplace issues such as dyslexia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or prolonged absence caused by medical problems. Some children suffer from issues such as bullying causing inattention in class and absence. Others may have a disability that may require a more specialized understanding of the child’s condition. 

These types of scenario can make the classroom environment and the syllabus impossible to negotiate for children who fall slightly outside the rigid parameters of the average school system. 

The sad truth is that any child who fails at school will have their life chances seriously diminished. Not only will this have a detrimental impact on the child, leading to negative feelings of self worth and lack of confidence. It will also lead to failure in exams and prevent the child from college entry so will have damaging life consequences too.

One to one online education with MASTERS Plus

Here at MASTERS Plus we believe in unlocking the key to learning for each individual child. We have a fantastic track record in helping our many students gain entry to further education and attaining the college degrees they deserve. 

 We believe that “all children can learn, they just learn differently” and with this in mind we can help each child achieve their full potential via our one to one online teaching program. 

We believe it is the job of the educator to figure out how to help each child unlock their potential in order to succeed. 

ACT and SAT Tests– unlock the keys to college entry 

ACT or American College Testing is accepted by all colleges and universities in the USA. It tests students on Math, English, Reading and Science modules in an exam that in total adds up to a 3 hours and 55 minutes examination. 

We offer the full spectrum of educational support to enable your child pass this all important exam. MASTERS Plus can help your child through their ACT with high quality training, practice and preparation so that they can approach the examination with confidence. 

SAT or the scholastic aptitude test is for high school seniors and juniors that tests writing, critical thinking and mathematics. Many children fail to achieve high scores on this test, especially those from ethnic minorities. There are some gender imbalances too with boys generally scoring higher in math than girls. 

By working on a one to one basis with an online tutor, your child will be able to work on their weaker areas and realize their strengths as well. One to one educational support will help your child develop learning strategies that will last a lifetime and will help them succeed in their chosen field with confidence. 

Choose online learning and support your child’s college education 

The sad truth is that our educational system is failing many bright and capable students. All children deserve to realize their full potential with a college education and this can be achieved by some supportive extra tutoring along the way.  


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