Early Starts to Academic Success: Develop a Sleep Routine

by Zena Smith As a parent I sometimes wonder if something was lost in translation when they came up with the phrase “sleeping like a baby.” You hear those words and you imagine a child, sound asleep and without a worry in the world. But those of us who have been there know that—baby or not—kids don’t […]

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It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Year-End Grades With a Tutor!

by Zena Smith With just a few more assignments to complete, projects to turn in, and tests to take before the summer months set in, most students are finding themselves on the “home stretch” of the school year. Depending on the student—and what’s at stake—that can be a comfortable or highly nerve-wracking place to be. Students who […]

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A Tutoring Game Plan for First-Time Tutees

by Zena Smith At MASTERs Plus we are well aware that the students we tutor—particularly those who are seeing a tutor for the first time—face more challenges than the ones that have tripped them up in the textbooks. In addition to academic difficulties, first-time tutees may feel overwhelmed by the task of catching up the class, […]

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EXPLORE College and Career Prep with MASTERs Plus

by Zena Smith For high school upperclassmen, autumn is the season of college prep. From personal statements to standardized tests to letters of recommendation and financial aid applications, students spend much of their semesters thinking about their futures in higher education and beyond. But college prep doesn’t have to be—and we’re here to say it […]

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Make It a Habit: 3 Tips for Studying Math

by Zena Smith If it seems like math tests these days are harder than they used to be, that’s probably because they are. In a recent national survey, 86% of responding math teachers said they believe the newly adopted common core standards are more rigorous than prior standards. But a more difficult curriculum doesn’t need […]

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How to Know When Your Child Needs a Tutor

By Zena Smith For many parents, the hardest part of putting a child through school is learning how to respond when they struggle in the classroom. Every parent envisions their son or daughter getting good grades, staying out of trouble, and graduating without a hitch. But when that doesn’t happen—and many times it doesn’t—parents need […]

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Three Tips to Decide if Your Teen Needs Tutoring

With only 43% of test takers posting SAT scores showing they were ready for college, SAT and ACT preparation is a necessity. Getting in to the college you want is now more competitive than it has ever been. According to USNews Stanford had an acceptance rate of only 7.1% in the Fall of 2011.  Not […]

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Seven Myths About Standardized Tests

As your teenager begins to prepare for college they will need to take a standardized test. Most all colleges now require students to take either the SAT or ACT to be admitted. As you prepare your student for these tests you will hear many myths regarding these tests, here are the most common myths from […]

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The Essence of Teaching

“Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another,” — Marva Collins. MASTERs Plus strongly believes in this philosophy. Educating and improving the learning strategies for children of all ages is our passion. MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program […]

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