4 MASTERs Plus Programs to Get You College Ready

by Zena Smith As we discussed in our last post, college readiness means more than being willing to move away from home and take on a new challenge. College readiness is a broader term that describes the sets of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will make or break your student at the college level.  […]

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What is College Readiness?

by Zena Smith By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “college readiness.” It may have come up in a conversation with your student’s guidance counselor, or you might have run across it while reading up on one of the many standardized tests and assessments your student has been required to take. More and more, measuring […]

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5 Simple Habits to Ease Your Student’s Report Card Panic

By Zena Smith You speak from experience when you tell your students to put away the procrastination, be proactive, and plan ahead. But try as you may, they often take your good advice with a grain of salt, coasting through the early parts of the grading period—at least until they’re met with report card panic. […]

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Studying for Finals: The Dos and Don’ts

by Zena Smith For high school freshmen, the first week of a new school might be the most terrifying one of the year. For everyone else, that title probably goes to exams week. Final exams have all sorts of implications for different students. A strong performance might be the difference between passing or failing a […]

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Best Study Skills #3: Use Whole and Part Learning

The best study skill is knowing when to break up the material. For example, if you need to study and remember a long chapter in your history book, should you try to learn everything in the chapter straight through, or study the individual chapter sections carefully one by one? The best approach is often a combination of […]

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