Save the Date: Higher-Ed Application Deadlines are Approaching!

by Zena Smith It’s officially crunch time for college-bound juniors and seniors—and let’s face it, their parents, too. As the remaining standardized test dates dwindle and financial aid deadlines approach, many of our heads are spinning with all the things that need to be done to make sure our students spend the fall off at college instead […]

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How the SAT Will Change in 2016

by Zena Smith High school freshmen and sophomores, take note: if you’re planning on taking the SAT in Spring of 2016 or afterward, plan on taking a different test. The College Board has announced they’ll be giving their most prominent test a facelift. While they have yet to release all the details (practice questions won’t […]

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EXPLORE College and Career Prep with MASTERs Plus

by Zena Smith For high school upperclassmen, autumn is the season of college prep. From personal statements to standardized tests to letters of recommendation and financial aid applications, students spend much of their semesters thinking about their futures in higher education and beyond. But college prep doesn’t have to be—and we’re here to say it […]

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Three Tips to Decide if Your Teen Needs Tutoring

With only 43% of test takers posting SAT scores showing they were ready for college, SAT and ACT preparation is a necessity. Getting in to the college you want is now more competitive than it has ever been. According to USNews Stanford had an acceptance rate of only 7.1% in the Fall of 2011.  Not […]

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Seven Myths About Standardized Tests

As your teenager begins to prepare for college they will need to take a standardized test. Most all colleges now require students to take either the SAT or ACT to be admitted. As you prepare your student for these tests you will hear many myths regarding these tests, here are the most common myths from […]

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SAT Scores Fall as More Students Take Exam

Recent data by the College Board, shows that only 43% of test takers posted SAT scores showing they will do well in college. Many schools are not providing the educational groundwork that students need to pass the SAT and continue their education in college. With competition for admission to college and scholarships on the rise, […]

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