3 Tracks to ACT Success

by Zena Smith If it seems that your student’s mind has been somewhere else since the dawn of the New Year, you aren’t alone. This is the time of year when high school juniors and seniors begin to feel the pressure—when going to college starts to feel less like a distant dream and more like a looming […]

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What’s a “Good” Score? 3 Ways to Evaluate Your ACT Score

by Zena Smith With the latest round of ACT scores set to release in the coming weeks, students (and their parents) may soon be wondering how they did. But despite what they may learn from a quick Google search or by comparing scores with friends, the truth is that what counts as a “good” or “bad” ACT […]

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College Applications: GPA or Academic Rigor?

by Zena Smith For the last several months college-bound seniors have been diligently at work, piecing together the most convincing college applications they can. As they add their final touches and prepare to send them off, now is the time that underclassmen (sophomores and juniors) should start thinking about how they’ll handle the same process in the years […]

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ACT Profile: The New Social Network for College-Bound Students

by Zena Smith So much has changed in the last ten years, education- and technology-wise, that it can be hard to remember exactly how things were such a short time ago. In 2004 the Common Core didn’t exist, less than half of all teenagers were using cell phones, and a Facebook was still an experiment—a “social network” requiring a college email […]

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Making Your Personal Statement Count: Defeat the Clichés

by Zena Smith While most of us are busy getting acclimated to the rhythms and routines of a new school year, one group of students—college bound seniors—are already a year ahead of us. For graduating seniors, fall is synonymous with college application season, which means these next few months will likely be daunting, hectic, and uncertain. […]

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What is a Good Score on the ACT?

by Zena Smith  The wait is over! The scores are in. Students who took the ACT Plus Writing on February 8th should have by now received their completed results.  So how’d you do? Well enough to get into your college of choice? How well is that? The truth about ACT scores is that “good” is […]

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EXPLORE College and Career Prep with MASTERs Plus

by Zena Smith For high school upperclassmen, autumn is the season of college prep. From personal statements to standardized tests to letters of recommendation and financial aid applications, students spend much of their semesters thinking about their futures in higher education and beyond. But college prep doesn’t have to be—and we’re here to say it […]

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