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Early Starts to Academic Success: Develop a Sleep Routine

by Zena Smith As a parent I sometimes wonder if something was lost in translation when they came up with the phrase “sleeping like a baby.” You hear those words and you imagine a child, sound asleep and without a worry in the world. But those of us who have been there know that—baby or not—kids don’t […]

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Announcing the 2015 Summer Program Line-Up

by Zena Smith When we launched our first Summer Program two years ago, we wanted to give students in our community the option: The option to make their summers productive and fulfilling. The option to keep practicing the skills they worked so hard to learn during the school year. The option to get ahead of the class, even […]

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Happy Mother’s Day from MASTERs Plus!

To All of Our Moms, on Mother’s Day: Today, we ask that you take a break from the test scores. Forget about report cards, about parent-teacher conferences, and unfinished homework. It’s a special day for you and yours, and Momma, you’ve earned it. You’ve earned it before dawn, on those mornings when you wake up early so your student can get to class […]

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Don’t Miss Summer Savings at MASTERs Plus

by Zena Smith With summer vacation in sight, your student is likely jumping for joy at the thought of three months away from the classroom. That’s okay—everyone loves a break from a busy schedule—but remember that learning doesn’t have to stop just because school’s out. In fact, it shouldn’t! Like any skill, the things our […]

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It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Year-End Grades With a Tutor!

by Zena Smith With just a few more assignments to complete, projects to turn in, and tests to take before the summer months set in, most students are finding themselves on the “home stretch” of the school year. Depending on the student—and what’s at stake—that can be a comfortable or highly nerve-wracking place to be. Students who […]

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Apply to These 3 College Financing Opportunities

by Zena Smith Because we’re in the “student success business,” we often feel we owe it to our parents and students to keep an ear out for helpful college financing opportunities. We know that getting into college is difficult enough in its own right, but paying the bill once you’re there can become a nightmare. We’ve been there ourselves. […]

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MASTERs Plus Debates: Is Spying on Kids OK?

by Zena Smith In our last blog post, we discussed the newly developed PARCC assessment. We talked about what it is, why it was created, and how it will affect your student in the classroom. What we didn’t discuss was how PARCC might affect your student out of the classroom. PARCC has been making headlines these […]

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Get to Know the PARCC Assessment

by Zena Smith Did you know that Illinois (along with several other states) recently overhauled its standardized testing procedures? That’s right. The ISAT of old out, and it’s been replaced in 2015 by a new yearly exam called the PARCC Assessment. Sound familiar? Maybe not! As hard as they sometimes try, our schools don’t always succeed in keeping parents […]

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What is College Readiness?

by Zena Smith By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “college readiness.” It may have come up in a conversation with your student’s guidance counselor, or you might have run across it while reading up on one of the many standardized tests and assessments your student has been required to take. More and more, measuring […]

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EXPLORE Returns to MASTERs Plus in Summer 2015

by Zena Smith Whether or not we like to admit it, there will always be things for which we scold our children while being guilty of the same bad habit ourselves. More often than not—especially in households with school-age children—that bad habit is procrastination: “Do your homework now, not later,” we urge, while quietly nudging […]

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