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What’s a “Good” Score? 3 Ways to Evaluate Your ACT Score

by Zena Smith With the latest round of ACT scores set to release in the coming weeks, students (and their parents) may soon be wondering how they did. But despite what they may learn from a quick Google search or by comparing scores with friends, the truth is that what counts as a “good” or “bad” ACT […]

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4 MASTERs Plus Programs to Get You College Ready

by Zena Smith As we discussed in our last post, college readiness means more than being willing to move away from home and take on a new challenge. College readiness is a broader term that describes the sets of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will make or break your student at the college level.  […]

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What is College Readiness?

by Zena Smith By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “college readiness.” It may have come up in a conversation with your student’s guidance counselor, or you might have run across it while reading up on one of the many standardized tests and assessments your student has been required to take. More and more, measuring […]

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3 Achievement Gap Problems and How You Can Help

by Zena Smith Last week on the MASTERs Plus EduBlog, we discussed a big problem in our small community—the Achievement Gap: what it is, who it affects, and a bit about how to help. This week we’d like to delve deeper by looking at three specific problems underlying this longstanding problem. One of the most […]

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5 Simple Habits to Ease Your Student’s Report Card Panic

By Zena Smith You speak from experience when you tell your students to put away the procrastination, be proactive, and plan ahead. But try as you may, they often take your good advice with a grain of salt, coasting through the early parts of the grading period—at least until they’re met with report card panic. […]

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The Most Important Item on Your School Supplies List

by Zena Smith As students look for ways to make the most of the summer vacation they have left, parents are making mental checklists of everything that needs to be done before school begins. Near the top of that list, of course, is “back-to-school shopping.” Anyone who’s shopped for school supplies knows it isn’t always fun. […]

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5 Ways to Fight Finals Stress

by Zena Smith If the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, exams season is just the opposite—the most stressful time of the year. As the semester wraps up, students have two things on their mind: the joy and promise of summer, and the bottomless pit of finals stress standing in its way. […]

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Studying for Finals: The Dos and Don’ts

by Zena Smith For high school freshmen, the first week of a new school might be the most terrifying one of the year. For everyone else, that title probably goes to exams week. Final exams have all sorts of implications for different students. A strong performance might be the difference between passing or failing a […]

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Are STEM Skills for Everyone? YES!

by Zena Smith If you’re one to read up on educational topics, you’re probably already familiar with the term: STEM skills. If you’ve never heard of STEM, pay attention. Because in 21st century—both for college-bound students and those headed straight for the job market—a healthy STEM skill set is more important than ever.

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High School Students Reap What They Sow with AP Coursework

by Zena Smith Among the many college prep options for high school students, the advanced placement track is—and has been for some time—the gold standard. AP coursework allows college bound students the chance to: practice the skills and habits they’ll need at the next academic level earn college credit in advance Yet as the number […]

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