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Keep an Eye Out for Changes at MASTERs Plus

by Zena Smith This summer has given the MASTERs Plus family a lot to be excited about, and we’d like to pass some of that excitement on to you. If you’ve stopped in to see us as of late, you may have already noticed that change is afoot at MASTERs Plus. From fresh new faces around the office to […]

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Apply to These 3 College Financing Opportunities

by Zena Smith Because we’re in the “student success business,” we often feel we owe it to our parents and students to keep an ear out for helpful college financing opportunities. We know that getting into college is difficult enough in its own right, but paying the bill once you’re there can become a nightmare. We’ve been there ourselves. […]

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Get to Know the PARCC Assessment

by Zena Smith Did you know that Illinois (along with several other states) recently overhauled its standardized testing procedures? That’s right. The ISAT of old out, and it’s been replaced in 2015 by a new yearly exam called the PARCC Assessment. Sound familiar? Maybe not! As hard as they sometimes try, our schools don’t always succeed in keeping parents […]

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Pay It Forward Scholarship Program

by Zena Smith College scholarship season is in full swing, and deadlines for 2015 awards are rapidly approaching. If you are a regular visitor to the MASTERs Plus EduBlog, you already know that we LOVE scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are a beautiful way to overcome the financial hurdles that stand between so many kids and the […]

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The Science of Scholarships: 4 Application Secrets

by Zena Smith If you’re actively applying for college scholarships, you’ve already got a lot on the line. A scholarship decision can be the difference between attending college or being unable to afford it, going to a choice private university or settling on a cheaper option close to home,  or being in debt or in the black upon […]

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3 Achievement Gap Problems and How You Can Help

by Zena Smith Last week on the MASTERs Plus EduBlog, we discussed a big problem in our small community—the Achievement Gap: what it is, who it affects, and a bit about how to help. This week we’d like to delve deeper by looking at three specific problems underlying this longstanding problem. One of the most […]

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Bowl Your Way to College

by Norm Collins After guiding one daughter and coaching another to college bowling scholarships, I decided that I could help others in the same way. I started “Strikes, Spares, & Scholarships”, a placement service that helps connect high school students with colleges and universities for bowling and academic scholarship opportunities. Using the resources of bowling, […]

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