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Get to Know the PARCC Assessment

by Zena Smith Did you know that Illinois (along with several other states) recently overhauled its standardized testing procedures? That’s right. The ISAT of old out, and it’s been replaced in 2015 by a new yearly exam called the PARCC Assessment. Sound familiar? Maybe not! As hard as they sometimes try, our schools don’t always succeed in keeping parents […]

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4 MASTERs Plus Programs to Get You College Ready

by Zena Smith As we discussed in our last post, college readiness means more than being willing to move away from home and take on a new challenge. College readiness is a broader term that describes the sets of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will make or break your student at the college level.  […]

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What is College Readiness?

by Zena Smith By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “college readiness.” It may have come up in a conversation with your student’s guidance counselor, or you might have run across it while reading up on one of the many standardized tests and assessments your student has been required to take. More and more, measuring […]

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3 Common Core Changes to Your Student’s Reading Curriculum

by Zena Smith By now most parents are aware that the Common Core will bring new learning standards to their children’s classrooms, but it isn’t always clear exactly what that entails. In the past we’ve dedicated EduBlog discussion to the updated standards for math, but it’s important to point out that the Common Core changes […]

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The Whats and Whys of the New Common Core

by Zena Smith No doubt the biggest and most common question our parents have asked over the last year has been about the Common Core: what is it? While it may sound confusing at first, the Common Core standards in practice and in principal are quite simple. According to the official website, the Common Core […]

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What’s the Difference: Common Core Math vs. Singapore Mathematics Methods

by Zena Smith In the last several years the landscape of education has changed dramatically. Particularly since the introduction of the Common Core, schools have made big changes to curricular content and teaching methods. As a result, a math class today would look quite unlike the math class that you or I might remember from […]

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