4 MASTERs Plus Programs to Get You College Ready

by Zena Smith

masters-plus-tutoring-programAs we discussed in our last post, college readiness means more than being willing to move away from home and take on a new challenge. College readiness is a broader term that describes the sets of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will make or break your student at the college level. 

It’s safe to assume your student will learn some college-readiness skills during their time in high school, but the fact of the matter remains that many students will find ways to slip through the cracks. These students will graduate the 12th grade without a solid grasp on certain mathematical operations, essay writing skills, time management skills, and other determiners of college-level success.

It may seem that these skills aren’t essential—after all, why would a student be allowed to graduate high school if they weren’t prepared for the next step?—but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The proof is in the startling rates at which college freshman find themselves unable to handle the change of pace, increased work load, and new responsibilities at the next level. At a lot of American schools, as many as 1 in 5 college freshman will drop out before completing their first year.

On the other hand, students who are college ready enjoy higher college GPAs, greater opportunities for scholarships, and even better chances at employment on graduation.

So how is it possible to learn key college-readiness skills when they aren’t always emphasized at the high school level? MASTERs Plus has your answer. A number of our programs are specifically designed around the core features of college readiness, and there are several more where developing college readiness will be the number one side-effect of completing our programming.

ACT Prep

Our flagship program is absolutely an exercise in college readiness. Not is standardized test taking a fundamental part of the college admissions process, but test taking in general will become a regular part of college-level coursework. Being prepared for the ACT and other high-stakes test scenarios can have a big impact on your student’s overall preparedness for the higher-ed experience.

Interested? Visit our ACT Prep page to learn more about what makes our ACT Prep program special and how it can contribute to your student’s level of college readiness.

Study Skills Training

Some students go through high school doing well on daily assignments, but consistently struggle in test-taking environments. If your student can handle the material but underperforms on tests, they may have a treatable study skills deficiency. While this may not keep them from graduating high school, a weak base of study skills will almost certainly catch up to them at the next level.

Students who participate in study skills training at MASTERs Plus will receive expert instruction in:

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Note taking
  • Reading comprehension
  • Goal setting

These are all key soft skills that will help your student better prepare for test environments and carry over to their general performance in college classrooms. For many students, true college readiness starts with a strong set of study skills.

Find out more about our Study Skills Training offerings here.

College Essay Writing Assistance

A student’s need to write college-level essays begins at admissions and carries over to any scholarship opportunities they might go after. But it doesn’t end there. At many schools, students will write as many as 30 or 40 mini-essays per semester. If you think you can succeed while writing that many essays without a solid essay-writing skill set, you’re probably mistaken.

Being able to organize your ideas, articulate them in clear and convincing language, and support your argument with appropriate grammar is key to success in the college classroom.

If you think your student may be college ready, but still needs some work on essay mechanics, check with MASTERs Plus to see if we can help.

Subject Tutoring

The Common Core standards in Illinois are fairly clear about what your student needs to know in order to graduate high school. Much of this knowledge will be the base upon which college professors structure their lesson plans, lectures, and introductory test materials. If your student is in their junior or senior year of high school and performs well across the board, but has difficulties with a single subject, then our Subject Tutoring services may be for you.

By shoring up any weaknesses BEFORE your student gets to college, you can be sure that simple classroom hard skills won’t stand between them and scholarship opportunities, positive admissions decisions, and success at the university level. Best of all, because our subject tutors greet each new student with a needs assessment, you can be sure we’ll only spend time where your student needs to most—to close that last gap between being “ready for college” and true “college readiness.”

To find out if our tutors can structure a program for the specific subject that is holding your student back, see our Subject Tutoring page. Or call, email, or visit to arrange a consultation.


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