EXPLORE Returns to MASTERs Plus in Summer 2015

by Zena Smith

testsWhether or not we like to admit it, there will always be things for which we scold our children while being guilty of the same bad habit ourselves. More often than not—especially in households with school-age children—that bad habit is procrastination: “Do your homework now, not later,” we urge, while quietly nudging a load of laundry into the corner for a time when we imagine it will be more convenient.

Sometimes, it’s okay to secretly put off a chore for later, so long as our kids don’t catch us breaking the rules. But if there’s one time that procrastination just shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s when our children’s education—and FUTURES—are at stake. So what is it that just can’t wait? We’re talking about college and career prep.

If your student is in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, you’re probably already starting to dread the “big” moments that come with the second half of high school. You may find a moment’s relief in telling yourself that you can “deal with these things later.” And that may be true if you’re worried about the stress of prom night. But where college prep is concerned—the kind that will give your student confidence in themselves, help them stay stress-free on test day, and get scholarship-level test  scores—that begins NOW.

EXPLORE is a prep program designed for students who are too young to take the ACT, but wisely want to begin developing the high-stakes skills they’ll need on the ACT, in college, and in the work force. Last summer, MASTERs Plus offered its first EXPLORE program, and it was a huge hit! It did so well—as did the students who participated—that we’re scheduling an encore for Summer 2015!

Here are the details:


June 6, 2015–August 15, 2015: Classes are 4 hours each and will be held every Saturday while the program runs.


MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program, 18354 Governors Highway, Homewood, IL 60430


$750 for the course. Includes text books.


If this sounds like a good fit for your college-bound 7th, 8th, or early 9th grader, don’t hesitate to sign them up! Our space is limited to 8 students, and last year’s classes sold out quick! Due to limited space and high demand, parents will be required to put down a $100 reservation fee upon enrollment. This fee will be applied to tuition upon payment.


Don’t spend another minute in doubt. If you’re on the edge about whether an EXPLORE program will truly help your student, we’re willing to give you four good reasons why we know it will! Visit the MASTERs Plus EduBlog to learn more.


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