What Can EXPLORE Do For Your Student?

by Zena Smith

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Our favorite piece of classroom advice has always been to “start early.” Whether you’re shopping for school supplies, studying for a test, or plotting your schedule for next semester, an early start is the easiest way to get a foot up on your competition and ensure that you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

So it may not surprise you that we’d like to extend this advice to your ACT Prep Plan. Because your student’s ACT score can impact so much about their academic futures—from the colleges they get into to the scholarships they’re offered—we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to start preparing early. What you may not realize is that, at MASTERs Plus, ACT Prep begins earlier than you think. It begins with EXPLORE.

What is EXPLORE?

EXPLORE is an ACT Pre-Prep program created by the makers of the ACT. The EXPLORE program mimics the ACT in subject matter, structure, and scoring, but simplifies the experience for younger students who are not yet ACT-ready.

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Who is EXPLORE for?

MASTERs Plus offers EXPLORE to students who have completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. Older students are encouraged to sign up for our standard ACT Prep program.

What are the benefits of EXPLORE?

There are a wealth of benefits to participating in EXPLORE. We believe that college readiness begins as soon as you and your student allow it to, and we invite all parents and students to make that as early as possible.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s look at the FACTS:

Students of EXPLORE:

1. Choose to enroll in more rigorous, college-preparatory, high school classes


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Students who take EXPLORE are shown, across multiple racial and ethnic groups, to choose more difficult, core-curriculum coursework after completing the program. This means students are exposed to college-level material EARLIER and BY THEIR OWN CHOICE! When that happens, students inevitably:

2. Score better on the ACT

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EXPLORE exposes students to the knowledge and skills they’ll need on the ACT, in college, and in the workforce. With exposure to this information, students not only overcome the kinds of nerves and fear (see: Test Anxiety) that can slow them down in test/assessment situations, but they gain and INTEREST and ENTHUSIASM in this higher-level material. As you can see, students who choose to challenge themselves—and EXPLORE students do—succeed BIG on the ACT.

3. Attend college more often

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From the ACT/EXPLORE website: “The odds of students planning to go to college increase by 5% to 30% if they take EXPLORE, compared to those who do not.” What more is there to say about that?

4. Require less guidance throughout high school and  the college-admissions process.

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The beauty of EXPLORE is that it empowers students to think for themselves and at a higher level. College and career preparation becomes something that isn’t a “bore” or “intimidating,” but an exciting process that students can make their own. While the graph above shows the relationship between PLAN (similar to EXPLORE, but one step up) and their rates of seeking guidance, we think you will get the picture. These programs HELP students develop the independence they need to plan for their futures.

When you stack up the numbers, the decision on whether or not to start your ACT Prep with MASTERs Plus and EXPLORE is an easy one. By the time your student is ready to take the ACT, it won’t be a dreaded, terrifying test that can make or break their future. It will be old news—something they know like the back of their hand, are comfortable with, and best of all, GOOD AT!

To learn more about MASTERs Plus’s EXPLORE program, simply call, email, or visit our Homewood tutoring center today or read more on the MP EduBlog. You’ll be glad you did—today, tomorrow, and in your student’s junior year.



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