iPads in School: Learning Tool or Distraction?

by Zena Smith It would be hard in this day and age to find many parents or teachers who would argue against fitting our classrooms with the latest educational technology. For one, our educators themselves rely on such technology every day—from projectors and AV systems to e-books and computers— in order to write and share […]

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Are STEM Skills for Everyone? YES!

by Zena Smith If you’re one to read up on educational topics, you’re probably already familiar with the term: STEM skills. If you’ve never heard of STEM, pay attention. Because in 21st century—both for college-bound students and those headed straight for the job market—a healthy STEM skill set is more important than ever.

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Homework and Computers: Use It, Don’t Abuse It

by Zena Smith It is important for parents to be realistic about their children’s education and the resources it requires. We have reached a day and age when, like it or not, our children depend on technology, both in the classroom and at home, to keep up with the lesson plan and their classmates. Even […]

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