It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Year-End Grades With a Tutor!

by Zena Smith With just a few more assignments to complete, projects to turn in, and tests to take before the summer months set in, most students are finding themselves on the “home stretch” of the school year. Depending on the student—and what’s at stake—that can be a comfortable or highly nerve-wracking place to be. Students who […]

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5 Simple Habits to Ease Your Student’s Report Card Panic

By Zena Smith You speak from experience when you tell your students to put away the procrastination, be proactive, and plan ahead. But try as you may, they often take your good advice with a grain of salt, coasting through the early parts of the grading period—at least until they’re met with report card panic. […]

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How to Handle a Bad Report Card

by Zena Smith ‘Tis the season for holiday stress. Gifts must be wrapped, outings planned, families gathered, and goodies baked. With so much on our plates, the last thing any parent wants or needs is the burden of an unsatisfactory report card. But bad grades do occasionally happen. When they do, it doesn’t have to […]

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How to Know When Your Child Needs a Tutor

By Zena Smith For many parents, the hardest part of putting a child through school is learning how to respond when they struggle in the classroom. Every parent envisions their son or daughter getting good grades, staying out of trouble, and graduating without a hitch. But when that doesn’t happen—and many times it doesn’t—parents need […]

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