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What to Expect From the New SAT Test

As your student prepares to make the transition from high school to college, the SAT and ACT entrance exams are important milestones along the way. Knowing what to expect from these tests can make both generations of your family feel more confident and in control at a time when so many other aspects of life […]

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Changes to ACT Writing Test in 2015

by Zena Smith Just when you thought you’d caught up to all the changes in the world of standardized testing, the powers that be have thrown another curve ball. You might remember our EduBlog discussion about changes to the SAT (coming in 2015) or upcoming revisions to the AP U.S. History Exam; now ACT has announced it will modify […]

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College Board Announces Changes to AP U.S. History Coursework and Exam

by Zena Smith The last few years have brought about a number of changes to the coursework and testing standards in our classrooms. From the implementation of the new Common Core standards to the revamping of the SAT, parents and students have been given a lot to adapt to. Those changes don’t appear to be […]

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Common Application Announces Improvements

by Zena Smith If you’re one of nearly 750,000 parents or students who applied to college using this year’s Common Application, you’ve probably already heard about—and possibly had to deal with—one of the many software glitches and oversights that made college applications a nightmare for this year’s incoming freshmen. After receiving complaints from both applicants […]

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Correction to Blog Post (7/14)

by Zena Smith CORRECTION: Last week we published a blog post  announcing the addition of Singapore Math® to the summer lineup at MASTERs Plus Tutoring. Singapore Math® is a proprietary term coined by Singapore Math, Inc. and refers exclusively to the textbooks they produce and the programming they offer. MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program is not affiliated with Singapore Math, […]

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Singapore Math Joins Our Summer Line-Up

by Zena Smith It’s that time again. The weather is finally warmer, finals are around the corner, and summer vacation is almost here. For most students, summer probably can’t come fast enough, and we couldn’t agree more! Why are we excited for summer? Because we’ve revamped our summer program with offerings in Singapore Math®.

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My Brother’s Keeper Will Provide Opportunities for Students of Color

by Zena Smith The president has been dropping clues about a major educational initiative for some time now: There are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about […]

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