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  As the owner of a tutoring center that specializes in ACT/SAT and College Prep, I have learned from years of experience that writing personal college essays isn’t every student’s strongest attribute. The process of organizing and writing a college essay can be a very stressful and sensitive time for students. They often struggle with […]

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Got Grit? You Can Get It!

Got Grit? You Can Get It! By MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program | Published September 2016 Does talent or effort determine how far you will go in life? Both do, but a recently-published book by a stellar expert comes down clearly on the side of effort. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Dr. Angela […]

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Call to Action: Let’s Raise Those Grades

If you can feel your anxiety over your student’s grades starting to rise with the outdoor temperatures, just try to remember that April and May still offer plenty of weeks for a turnaround. Students can end the school year in triumph instead of despair. So, what’s the plan of attack? Here are some time-tested strategies […]

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ACT Test Updates and A Comparison of the ACT and SAT Tests

Our last blog entry was a detailed rundown of the revamped SAT, followed by the promise of a look at recent ACT changes and the suggestion that your student should consider taking both tests. But if that sounds like more time, money and student energy than you want to invest, bear with me while we briefly […]

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What to Expect From the New SAT Test

As your student prepares to make the transition from high school to college, the SAT and ACT entrance exams are important milestones along the way. Knowing what to expect from these tests can make both generations of your family feel more confident and in control at a time when so many other aspects of life […]

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3 Tracks to ACT Success

by Zena Smith If it seems that your student’s mind has been somewhere else since the dawn of the New Year, you aren’t alone. This is the time of year when high school juniors and seniors begin to feel the pressure—when going to college starts to feel less like a distant dream and more like a looming […]

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Academic Resolutions for the New Year

by Zena Smith As the dust of the holiday season begins to settle, many of us have begun looking to the New Year as a chance to become the best versions of ourselves yet. These are the moments when we resolve to be more spontaneous, get in better shape, or rekindle old friendships—all admirable goals by […]

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Happy Holidays from MASTERs Plus!

To All of Our Parents and Students, As our holiday celebrations carry us into this New Year, we are reminded once again just how much we love this season. Year after year, the holidays bring so much good into our communities and our lives: Our friends and families join us in recalling old memories and in forging new ones. We share […]

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What’s a “Good” Score? 3 Ways to Evaluate Your ACT Score

by Zena Smith With the latest round of ACT scores set to release in the coming weeks, students (and their parents) may soon be wondering how they did. But despite what they may learn from a quick Google search or by comparing scores with friends, the truth is that what counts as a “good” or “bad” ACT […]

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MASTERs Plus Road Map to College: November

by Zena Smith For those who followed along on the first leg of our road map to higher-ed, congratulations on making the initial steps toward college enrollment! The road continues through November as we share what this month holds for your student’s journey to college. November As you pack away what’s left of October’s tricks and treats, it’s time […]

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