Happy Holidays from MASTERs Plus!

To All of Our Parents and Students,

As our holiday celebrations carry us into this New Year, we are reminded once again just how much we love this season. Year after year, the holidays bring so much good into our communities and our lives: Our friends and families join us in recalling old memories and in forging new ones. We share what’s ours with those we love or those who have little of their own to give. We reflect on the year gone by, and we look forward to what we might achieve in the next.

In many ways, we cherish the holidays for their way of bringing out the best in all of us us. Yet as we look ahead to another year, we must also aspire to bring out the best in ourselves. As individuals and as an organization, we hope that the holiday spirit can shine through us and through our actions—not only in these winter months but during the whole year round.

While we understand the holiday spirit may mean many things to many different people, it is our goal—our resolution—to embody that spirit as we know it, now and in the year to come.

New Beginnings

We all love New Years Day, if only for the opportunity to start anew and plan for a better future. In the spirit of the New Year, MASTERs Plus has decided it’s “out with the old and in with the new.” As such, we are proud to announce we are ringing in the holiday with a brand new website. We love our new look, and we hope you will love as much about it as we do—above all, the ability to pay for your tutor online!

Visit our homepage at www.mptutors.com and take a look around! Then let us know what you think!

The Ones We Hold Dear

Perhaps the biggest joy of the holidays is the chance to reunite with everyone we know and love. We owe so much of ourselves—our joys and pains, the laughs and the triumphs we share—to those around us.

MASTERs Plus will honor these special connections and the spirit of camaraderie with a new program in 2016. Study Buddies (name subject to change) allows students to gather up their friends and participate in group study sessions at MASTERs Plus.

To prepare for major exams, quizzes, or even finals, students can invite a minimum of 4 of their friends or peers to meet with one of our instructors, who will help them prepare for any test they desire. Students pay $10 each for the hour-long session.

We truly believe students will benefit from these group sessions as they find confidence and comfort int he presence of their friends. Check back soon for scheduling details!

The Spirit of Giving

Alas, in many ways the holidays mark the season of giving. Whether we are wrapping gifts for the family or volunteering at a local shelter, kitchen, or pantry, there is great joy to be found in giving what we have to those who have less.

In 2016, MASTERs Plus will embody the spirit of giving by donating its services to students who would be otherwise unable to afford a supplemental education. Through its new scholarship arm, OASIS Education Foundation, we will offer our highest-quality tutoring services, free of charge, to minority and impoverished families in need of assistance. The gift of education is the best gift we know, and we are proud to give it to those in our communities who value education as much as we do.

Please check back soon for updates on OASIS via MASTERs Plus’s social media channels or on the soon-to-be-launched OASIS website.

Giving Thanks

And what would the holidays be if we did not give thanks for the many blessings we have enjoyed throughout the year?

To all of our parents, students, and tutors—thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all  you do and all you have given us. It has been a pleasure and a joy to walk this path alongside of you. Watching you pursue your goals, overcome hurdles, and finally attain all you have strived for is the reason we have chosen this path, and you all have made it worth it.

We are so excited to continue this journey in 2016, and we find such comfort in knowing you will be there alongside us on this journey.

To all of you and your families, Happy Holidays from MASTERs Plus!

Best Wishes,

Zena Smith and the MASTERs Plus Staff


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