Happy Holidays from MASTERs Plus

To the MASTERs Plus Family:


As we approach the end of yet another year at MASTERs Plus, we can’t emphasize enough what a successful, rewarding, and meaningful year 2014 has been for our staff. Each year we gain a greater appreciation for the remarkable opportunities we’ve been blessed with—to work with your students, to challenge their limits, and watch them grow as students and people. To see these students excel in the classroom and to share in their feelings and successes when they finally “get it” is why we went in to business and why we keep doing what we do.

We hope, too, that you have enjoyed this holiday season as an opportunity to spend time, share experiences, and make new memories and recount old ones with your students—that you have enjoyed their time as much as we have.

We are excited about 2015. As we continue to expand our programming, we can’t wait to experience each milestone to come with you and your family. From every successful final exam to gaining admittance to the college of your student’s dreams, we hope to be there with you and help you along the way.

Please use what remains of the holiday season to celebrate warmly and safely with the ones you love. You will be in our thoughts, and we hope we will be in yours as you and your student set new and greater goals for the coming year.

mptutorsTo our parents, whose dedication we admire and whose support we cherish…

To our students, whose journeys we proudly share…

To our tutors, our biggest role models, who give their hearts and minds to us and to your students…

To our supporters, who share our message or lend their resources to our cause…

Thank you for everything you’ve done in 2014. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2015!

Zena Signature

Zena R. Smith
Founder & Executive Director
MASTERs Plus Tutoring

Want to get involved in 2015?

OASISLogoNext year, the founders of MASTERs Plus will launch a sister company and educational non-profit designed to take on one of education’s biggest problems: the achievement gap. Each year, students from minority and low socioeconomic backgrounds underperform in classrooms across the country. We believe these students are every bit as capable as their wealthier peers, but they lack the resources—from technology to mentoring to scholarship opportunities—to get the educations they need and deserve.

Our plan is to change that. OASIS Educational Foundation, which will launch in 2015, will search for students who have the academic potential to succeed but lack the financial resources to make it happen. Then we’ll provide those resources free of charge. By connecting these students with a safe place to study, one-on-one tutoring experiences, and ongoing support, we believe we can start closing the achievement gap in our community.

Currently, OASIS is seeking community support for its initial awareness efforts and fundraising goals. If you want to stand up to the achievement gap in 2015, here’s how you can help .


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