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Happy Holidays from MASTERs Plus

To the MASTERs Plus Family: As we approach the end of yet another year at MASTERs Plus, we can’t emphasize enough what a successful, rewarding, and meaningful year 2014 has been for our staff. Each year we gain a greater appreciation for the remarkable opportunities we’ve been blessed with—to work with your students, to challenge their limits, […]

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3 Achievement Gap Problems and How You Can Help

by Zena Smith Last week on the MASTERs Plus EduBlog, we discussed a big problem in our small community—the Achievement Gap: what it is, who it affects, and a bit about how to help. This week we’d like to delve deeper by looking at three specific problems underlying this longstanding problem. One of the most […]

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Have You Heard of the Achievement Gap?

by Zena Smith Most of us are used to the idea that some students do better than others in the classroom.  In the “meritocracy” we live in, we often settle for the simplest explanation for good grades and bad ones. The idea that “better students do better,” to many parents, makes sense. They may simply be more […]

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