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What is a Good Score on the ACT?

by Zena Smith  The wait is over! The scores are in. Students who took the ACT Plus Writing on February 8th should have by now received their completed results.  So how’d you do? Well enough to get into your college of choice? How well is that? The truth about ACT scores is that “good” is […]

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High School Students Reap What They Sow with AP Coursework

by Zena Smith Among the many college prep options for high school students, the advanced placement track is—and has been for some time—the gold standard. AP coursework allows college bound students the chance to: practice the skills and habits they’ll need at the next academic level earn college credit in advance Yet as the number […]

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Why Your Teenage Student is More Stressed Than You

By Zena Smith If someone said your teenager was more stressed out than you, your first instinct might be to laugh in their face. But a new survey by the American Psychological Association reveals that’s just the case. In 2014, teenagers are the most stressed out people in America. Wait a minute…so how stressed are […]

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Homework and Computers: Use It, Don’t Abuse It

by Zena Smith It is important for parents to be realistic about their children’s education and the resources it requires. We have reached a day and age when, like it or not, our children depend on technology, both in the classroom and at home, to keep up with the lesson plan and their classmates. Even […]

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